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also stop using images of sasha grey naked betwixt her quotes abt sexuality to justify ur liberal sex posi feminist garbage when she quit the industry bc of the abuse she endured therein 

"Many people want to claim subalternity. They are the least interesting and the most dangerous. I mean, just by being a discriminated-against minority on the university campus; they don’t need the word ‘subaltern’ … They should see what the mechanics of the discrimination are. They’re within the hegemonic discourse, wanting a piece of the pie, and not being allowed, so let them speak, use the hegemonic discourse. They should not call themselves subaltern."

- thank u gayatri spivak for shutting shit down 

lately too fragile 

Oprah Expected to Give Away $1M to Each Graduate in 2014 Vassar Commencement Speech - The Weekly Monthly

me plz?

Police union cards used to get cop relatives out of minor jams causing fury among city officials

Feeling pretty outraged that my family has one of these cards because my cousin is a Lieutenant. More outraged that something like this exists. How can a city government that claims progress toward equality pull shit like this? Corruption in our state of national security at its finest. UGH fucking nypd